White Ibis  
These Ibis birds look white until they spread their wings. Then you can see the black feathers at their wing tips. They frequently land in my yard in a flock and use their long curved beaks to catch treats in the grass. I think they're catching bugs. I've also seen them eat lizards and frogs. Twice now I've caught them plucking glass lizards from my yard, but they flew away with them when I followed with my camera.
White Ibis Landing
White birds can be difficult to get good pictures of. The sunlight glares and it's easy to lose the feather detail. Glossy Ibis are only a little easier to take pictures of.
The juvenile Ibis has soft brown colors on its feathers:
Juvenile White Ibis
White Ibis
This young Ibis is coming home with the setting sun to sleep.
Juvenile White Ibis
Juvenile White Ibis
Juvenile White Ibis
White Ibises
White Ibises in flight
White Ibis in Flight
Young Ibis Sunset Landing
White Ibis
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