1 2 Snowy Egret Egretta thula
Snowy Egrets are beautiful white birds.  They are about the same size as Little Blue Herons and Tricolored Herons.
Snowy Egret Flying Away
This Snowy Egret flew in at the end of the day and found a Moorhen in the way.  There was a fleetingly brief moment of commotion as they squawked at one another with raised feathers.  The egret, with its neck stretched and its feathers in full fluff around its face reminded me of an angry cat with its back arched and fur on end.
Snowy Egret quarreling with a Common Moorhen
It didn't take long for the Snowy Egret to get the Common Moorhen to go away.
Snowy Egret with fluffed feathers
Finally the egret lowered its hairs, I mean feathers, and spent the remainder of the rapidly darkening evening poking around beneath the duckweed,  staring intently through it seeking one more snack before nightfall.
Snowy Egret chasing a moorhen away
Speaking of snacks, this other Snowy Egret is eating a blue dragonfly:
Snowy Egret, close-up of face
Have a look at my first Snowy Egret page and enjoy the rest of my site while you wait for me to find out what else these birds do and share it here.
Snowy Egret eating a blue dragonfly
Snowy Egrets are one of my favorite birds. They're very fast, and extremely acrobatic; just when you're about to click they turn abruptly in the air and zag the other way. Those bright feet look like they took a walk through the paint tray when the yellow lines were being painted on a road, don't they?
I don't generally fiddle much with my pictures, but I took the liberty of fuzzing out the background of this landing Snowy Egret.
Snowy Egret flying
Snowy Egret
The little chicks are adorable fuzzballs. I haven't had the opportunity to watch them grow up yet, so we'll have to jump from tiny chick to young fledgling, but I'll get them one day so do check back.
Snowy Egrets and yellow feet on a tree stump at the waters edge
Snowy Egret showing us its big yellow foot
Snowy Egret on the rail
Snowy Egret checking her eggs
Snowy Egret Flying
Have a look at my first Snowy Egret page too.
Snowy Egret Big Yellow Feet and Three Blue Eggs in the Nest
Snowy Egret Chick flapping its tiny wings
Snowy Egret Chick
Snowy Egret Fledgling
Snowy Egret mother and chicks in their nest
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