To Newer Snowy Egret Page Snowy Egret Egretta thula
This brilliant white bird is wading in the shallows looking for food. At a glance, that could be a tiny twig or a dangling bit of vegetation in its mouth, but look more carefully - it's a damselfly.
Snowy Egret feeding in the shallows of a Florida wetland with a damselfly in its beak
They are incredibly graceful birds in the air, yet they can turn on a dime and duck out of your picture as you take it.
Sometimes they perch conveniently on something nearby, like this rail, and pause briefly while we admire them. Mostly though, I see them wading in the wetlands like this one standing in the water lettuce.
Here is a slightly larger, if not too much better, view. This Snowy Egret is eating a damselfly. Snowy Egrets have bright yellow feet, and legs that are mostly black with a yellow stripe up the back. They also have a bit of yellow where their beak meets their eyes; the remainder of their beak is black.
Snowy Egret with a damselfly in its beak
Snowy Egret, wings spread, landing in the evening
Like a turtle, they can pull their head in as this white puffball of a bird has, or extend it in a lightning fast plunge into the water to grab prey.
Come see my newer photographs on Snowy Egrets Page Two; I found eggs!
Snowy Egret, feet down, landing
Snowy Egret wingspan
Snowy Egret peeking down from a rail
Snowy Egret standing in water lettuce looking for food
Snowy Egret with its neck pulled fully in so it looks like a big white puffball
Snowy Egret Flying (Photographer behind camera leaping up and down extremely joyful over getting the shot!)
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