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I've seen these beautiful hawks around a number of times now, but I never got close enough to get nice pictures.  Finally, my owl lured this one to my yard with a yummy rodent.
See the hawk looking down at the owl? The hawk flew in squawking and the owl was hooting back.
Here are two older pictures of another hawk.  See the Red-winged Blackbird chasing the hawk away from its nest?
Once the hawk gave up on stealing breakfast from the owl it flew away.
Hawk being chased by a red-winged blackbird
Hawk being chased by a red-winged blackbird
I think the hawk that bugged my owl was a Red-shouldered Hawk, but I'm not positive. Send me an email if I'm mistaken please.

This final hawk flying by is a different bird, as is the one being chased. When another hawk or two poses while I have a camera handy, I'll put more effort into identifying the birds of prey in my area.

Flying Hawk
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