Peacock & Peahen  
The other side of the Peacock
Oh, sorry. Were you looking for the other side of the Peacock?
I used the pictures by the picnic table to show you just how very big this bird is.
Peacock fans his tail beside a picnic table
Peacock feather spot
Peacocks are exquisite creatures, but don't let their beauty fool you; they can be mean. I watched one fly up and try to claw a child who got too close.
Some peacocks are brilliant shades of metallic blue and green; others are white.
Green and Blue Peacock
White peacock tail fan
Peacock feather spot
White peacock
Peacock tail feathers
The tail end of the tail feathers terminates in a triangle that resembles a fish tail:
The peahen, or female peacock, looks very different; she lacks the showy tail fan feathers.
This peahen showed up in the parking lot of a Florida natural area, presumably dropped off by someone who didn't realize how loud they can be when they picked it up as a pet. Several of them showed up in at least two natural areas. We had fun feeding them in the parking lot, but eventually money better spent elsewhere had to get spent to relocate them. I generally stick to wild creatures, but since a male peacock wandered through my yard one day, and the peahens were loose outside, I think that peacocks qualify for my Florida bird pages.
Peacock moon?
Side view of a fanned peacock
Peacock moon
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