Palm Warbler  
Palm Warbler on Fire Flag
Adult Palm Warblers are easy to recognize with their brown cap, but this juvenile left me scratching my head. I think it's a young Palm Warbler.
This next cute little Palm Warbler on the ground was so small I didn't see it. My son pointed it out and asked me what kind of bird it was.

A gentleman on the wetland boardwalk replied that it was a LBB, a Little Brown Bird. I laughed, and went home and looked it up. I think it's a Palm Warbler.

Open Beaked Palm Warbler
I was standing in front of a Green Heron nest hoping she would stand up to stretch so I could peek at her eggs when I spotted a different warbler. I was snapping pictures and didn't notice until later that I'd photographed two different warblers.
The little tricksters switched places, hopping branch to branch while I was distracted with keeping the camera both aimed at them and adjusted for the changing light as they moved in and out of the shadows of the leaves. They were some of my first warblers.
Palm Warbler
Another Palm Warbler posed on the water lettuce for me:>
peaking of warbler ways, they do lift their tails a lot, don't they? I guess they want us to see how very yellow they are.
This one was kind enough to pause on the boardwalk rail briefly before it zipped off in that here and then gone again warbler way.
Speaking of here and gone again, let's follow this young warbler over to the fire flag plants.
Palm Warbler
Peek-A-Boo Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler rump
Palm Warbler on the boardwalk rail
departing juvenile palm warbler
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