Did you ever play "Monkey in Sight?" My grandmother and I used to play when I was little. I had a tiny toy plastic monkey, only an inch and a half or so tall.  Grandma would hide it in sight while I closed my eyes, and I'd have to look around the room to find it. Once I did, it was my turn to hide it. I listened so carefully to try to hear where her footsteps were in the room so I knew where to look, and she was very good at walking all around so I didn't have an easy task. In retrospect, it was a fantastic way to keep me occupied. I learned to be patient, and to pay attention, and to look at things carefully - and all the while I thought we were playing! Anyhow - in this case it's an owl and you can play with me. I saw this owl on my lamp post, and heard it, but when I tried to photograph it - up into the tree it went. I took random shots in the dark and got lucky with one of them. Can you find the owl?
Look for the reflection of the eyes in the flash.

I went to play that game with my kids since working on this page reminded me of it, and I've figured out why  Grandmom used the monkey. It had a little curl at the tip of its tail so we could hang it on things. I just lost a LOT of time going through toys in search of a similar one. There is one here SOMEWHERE....

I've since gotten better photos of other owls:

Burrowing Owl

Nesting Owls

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