Muscovy Duck  
I have to admit that these ducks are extremely cute after they hatch. They quickly become less cute when there is a whole flock of them excreting copious amounts of bird poo on your sidewalk, parking lot, patio or driveway.
Muscovie Ducks: Mother, Chicks, and Eggs
These ducks are all over the place in Southeast Florida. People feed them, so they've learned to approach people and beg for food. They like bread, peanuts, chips, and pretty much anything people toss at them. If they didn't make such a mess I'd like them more. They wouldn't make such a mess where we're likely to step in it if we would stop teaching them that people = food.
Mating Muscovie Ducks
The male ducks on the left aren't getting along very well. The male and female pair on the right, well that picture speaks for itself.
Muscovie Ducks: Bird Fight
Muscovie Ducklings
Muscovie Duck
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