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Mottled Duck
This mommy Mottled Duck hurried her flock of chicks away as soon as I began taking pictures. See how even the tiny chicks have the dark line extending back from their eye (which helps to identify them.)
Both the male and female have a patch of deep blue-purple on their wing, but it's hard to see unless they're flying, and they fly by so fast it's hard to photograph it. This mommy Mottled Duck preened and stretched, so I was able to capture a glimpse of the color:
This pair of Mottled Ducks flew by too far away to make a nice photo, but it's the best one I have so far that shows the purple-blue spot on their extended wings:
Mottled Duck
Mottled Duck Chicks
Mottled Duck Blue Wing
Flying Mottled Ducks
Usually when they fly by, they're too high in the sky to get a good view of the upper surface of their wings:
Flying Mottled Duck
Flying Mottled Duck
Mottled Duck
I was delighted when this Mottled Duck went through a series of stretches right in front of me:
Mottled Duck
Mottled Duck
Stretching Mottled Duck
Now that you're thinking about how very cute those ducks are.... remember that pair that flew by too far for a good picture? Here they are leaving:
Mottled Ducks
Those aren't spots on the lens! When you look up at the birds, remember to keep your mouth closed.
These two older chicks were resting on a log. The duckling on the left has its tiny wing out as if hugging its sleeping sibling:
Mottled Ducklings
Mottled Ducklings
The original Mottled Ducks page is here.

Is this where the saying "Ducks in a Row" comes from?

Mottled Ducks In A Row
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