Monk Parakeet  
These very green Monk Parakeets love to eat my Black Olive Tree seeds.  They fly in, squawking and screeching, and land in the very highest branches. I can hear the crunch, crunch and feel the debris dropping on my head as I walk under the trees when they're in them.
Monk Parakeet eating Black Olove seeds
Monk Parakeet eating Black Olove seeds
I spent a couple of hours outside in the blazing Florida sun trying to get pictures of these green and blue birds flying.  They're really fast. These two both tried to land on the same bit of branch and for a very brief moment they seemed to argue about it.
Monk Parakeet flying off of a Black Olive Tree branch
Two Monk Parakeets fighting for a prime perch
This pair of Monk Parakeets was much happier sharing a branch. They appeared to be a couple. They are resting together in an Australian Pine Tree.
Flying Monk Parakeets
Pair of Monk Parakeets resting in an Australian Pine Tree
Monk Parakeet
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