Limpkins are fairly big wetland birds. They're brown with white speckles, and sort of loud sometimes. This Limpkin is snacking on an Apple Snail. I've only seen them with small snails, so I suspect that they are happier birds when there are more white snail eggs than pink ones.
Limpkin with a snail
This next Limpkin was wading through the water by the Spatterdock when it plunged its head beneath the water. It popped back up with a snail that it went on to eat behind the leaves. I wasn't inclined to hop in with the gators for pictures.
Limpkins are very agile birds. I enjoy watching them preen and stretch.
Limpkin eats snail
Limpkin on the rail
Limpkin plunges its head beneath the water by the Spatterdock
Limpkin with a snail
Limpkin Preening
Limpkin stretching
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