1 Least Bittern  2
This Least Bittern stood over the duckweed covered water and snatched out fish after fish.
Least Bittern eating a fish
Least Bittern
These birds are as comfortable walking through the wetland plants as monkeys are swinging through the trees. Their big yellow feet cling to the stalks holding them motionless in the air while they wait for a fish to swim past. I have no idea how they can see the fish through the duckweed!
Evelyn was taking pictures with me and she got the bittern out in the open without a single stem between her camera and the bird, and she photographed the fish it caught:
Least Bittern eating a fish
Of course, I always try to get a bird on the rail shot:
Least Bittern Fishing
Pickerelweed, the purple flower behind the bittern's beak, is a common sight in the wetlands. So is the purple fire flag this Least Bittern facing away from you is standing on.
Let's see, what else do birds do? They fly, they eat... and:
Least Bittern Walking The Wetlands
Least Bittern With A Fish
Least Bittern Standing In Pickerelweed
Least Bittern Perched On Fireflag
Least Bittern On The Rail
Least Bittern Flying
Least Bittern
Least Bittern
Yes, the poop in the picture above is real, I didn't Photoshop it in.

This chick on the left is a young Least Bittern. See the fluffy feathers on the lighter head?

Juvenile Least Bittern
Least Bittern Flying
Least Bittern Napping
Least Bittern
 Two Least Bitterns
Least Bittern Eating A Fish
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