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This Green Heron is gathering twigs to make her nest.

I was photographing the bird on the top right when the one on the lower left flew in. The bush they're on is close to where I saw the one gather twigs, so I'll watch the area carefully for a new nest.

The two Green Herons that were quarreling on page one paused their fight briefly a few times, only to resume it again:
Green Heron Gathering Nest Material
Green Herons
Green Heron
Green Heron Flying
Green Heron Fight
This sequence of photos of the Green Heron fight, which I think was over territory since when the bird argument was over the male Green Heron went over to the female sitting on the nest, is part of what prompted me to switch to taking my pictures in raw format.
I needed to be at a higher speed and a smaller aperture, but given the available light I couldn't have bumped it up very much even if I'd had time. Fuzzy or not, it was amazing to watch, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Green Heron Fight
Green Heron Fight
Green Heron Fight
Green Heron Fight
Green Heron Fight
Green Heron
There are two Green Heron nests at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands now. One is at the entrance on the right, on the tree hanging over the water, the other in the first Pond Apple tree on the right as you approach the right turn onto the sidewalk. That one finally nudged her eggs into a position that I could see more of them when she stood up: (update - they hatched!)
Nesting Green Heron
Green Heron Eggs
Green Heron Chicks
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