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Flying Great Egret
When the Great Egrets fly home at sunset, and the colorful clouds are behind them, it's stunningly beautiful.
Great Egret Flying At Sunset
Great Egret flying with wings fully spread
They curl up their necks to fly, but can stretch them way out to pluck fish from the water.
Great Egrets are beautiful white birds.  Their long black legs are like stilts letting them wade deeper into the wetlands than the smaller herons in search of prey.  They have dark legs and an orange beak like the cattle egrets do, but they are much larger, and their legs and beak are much longer.  Both are graceful and quick, but the great egrets have a certain majesty that sets them apart from the other birds.
This isn't the best great egret picture, or the best dragonfly picture, but it is an interesting story picture. Look at the lower right corner. There is a blue dragonfly sitting on the spatterdock leaf. Note how carefully the great egret is looking at it:
Great Egret with extended neck
Majestic Great Egret
Great Egret eyeballing a blue dragonfly on a spatterdock leaf
Great Egret eating a blue dragonfly
blue dragonfly in a Great Egret's beak
Um... sorry, that was a rotten view.  Here's another fuzzy look at one of the many little fish these birds snack on throughout the day. I'm going out to get some better eating pictures. Wish me luck!
Great Egret eating a very small fish
Now the dragonfly is squashed in the great egret's beak. It's a little difficult to see the blue dragonfly, so here is a closer view:
Here are some of my previous Great Egret Pictures.
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