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Reflection of a Great Blue Heron
Reflection. I had to mix it up and start this page upside-down for fun.

Great Blue Herons are one of the largest birds that frequent my yard. They stand taller than many a toddler! They wade the shallow waters of our wetlands, retention ponds and canal edges looking for creatures to nibble on.

Kiss of the Great Blue Herons
When you look at them from the side, these huge birds appear to have a dark grey or black cap. If you get a view from the very top though, you can see that white stripe that gives the top of their head that magic glow in some of their pictures.
Preening is a daily chore, and it probably feels good to scratch the occasional itch with that long beak.
Check out how flexible the neck is on these birds! This great blue heron scratching its back reminds me of the game Twister.
Great Blue Heron All Fluffed Out
Great Blue Heron Wingspan
Great Blue Heron, Wings Spread and Flying
Great Blue Herons
Great Blue Heron, Scratch My Back
Great Blue Herons, Sweetie let me scratcy your itch
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron flying in with nesting material
Great Blue Heron with a great big fish
Great Blue Herons build really big nests. It's quite a feat of construction. They bring the twigs and branches in one at a time.
When this bird tells fish tales to its friends, the fish really was "this big:"
... and then down it went. Compare the usually slender and graceful neck of the typical Great Blue Egret to that of this bird just after it swallowed that fish!
Great Blue Heron Full Of Great Big Fish
Great Blue Heron Landing
I can't leave you with a fish story, so come see the great blue heron pictures that wouldn't fit on this page. The next page includes a couple of neat 'birds and the bees' picture, minus the bees.
I got a little bit carried away with these birds and ended up with all of these pages about them:
1: Great Blue Heron Eating A Catfish
2: Great Blue Heron Juveniles
3: Great Blue Herons Flying
4: Great Blue Heron Assorted Better Photographs
5: Great Blue Heron Parents
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