Common Moorhen  
Their red and yellow beak, and black and white striped bottom make the Common Moorhen an easy bird to identify.

The noise they make helps too.

Common Moorhen
This Common Moorhen chick was nibbling something, oblivious to the passers-by staring at it from the boardwalk at Green Cay:
Common Moorhen
A bit further down the boardwalk, another Common Moorhen was sitting on her nest in the Fire flag.
This Common Moorhen stretched right in front of my camera :)
Common Moorhen Chick
Common Moorhen Nest
Common Moorhen Stretching
The Moorhens seem to be all over the place, both in the wetlands I've been to, and in the lakes and canals in our South Florida communities.

At a distant glance, depending on the lighting, these birds are a bit similar to the white beaked Coot and the extremely colorful Purple Gallinule.

Common Moorhen swimming through Dollar Weed
It is kind of fun to watch them splash and run; sometimes they seem to run across the top of the water flapping, and they make quite a ruckus.
Common Moorhen
Common Moorhen
Common Moorhen
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