Blue Jay  
Blue Jay
blue jay and red-bellied woodpecker quarrel over a peanut
Blue Jay
Blue Jay
Blue Jay
Some of these Blue Jays are my yard pets. They're spoiled. I don't like leaving food out because it attracts the Muscovy Ducks. A couple of Blue Jays and this Red-bellied Woodpecker learned to take peanuts from my hand, and for a while they waited for me to get home and chirped at me when I got out of the car. I've since quit feeding them quite so much, because I want them to be independent.
If you give blue jays raw peanuts, they'll plant them for you. They bury some of their food to save it for later.
Sometimes when the Blue Jays bury their food, the Grackles watch and go dig it up.
I was a little befuddled when these peanut plants sprouted in my lawn, and then I remembered my birds.
Flying Blue Jay
Peanut Flower
Yellow flower on a peanut plant in a grassy lawn
Blue Jay
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Argument
Blue Jay: Arms Up
Blue Jay Flying
Blue Jay
Blue Jay
These blue birds are a delight to have around. They're like a dash of diving blue sky.
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