Blackpoll Warbler  
Blackpoll warbler
Blackpoll warbler
Blackpoll warbler
I have to give credit to Peggy for identifying this little Blackpoll Warbler for me first time I saw one. Thanks Peggy!

Their little black cap comes all the way down to their eyes, unlike the black stripe atop the Black and White Warbler's head.

Blackpoll warbler
These tiny birds dart from branch to branch in the trees, and sometimes land on the trunk and circle it, always staying on the side opposite you. Sometimes, just when I think I'm finally going to get a great picture of one of them, they turn around and depart:
Blackpoll warbler
Departing Blackpoll warbler
Taking pictures in the dappled shade beneath the treetops is a little tricky too. I'll keep practicing.
Blackpoll warbler
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