2 Black Necked Stilt  
Black Necked Stilt Stretching
This sweet Stilt posed for me, but the light wasn't quite what I'm used to and the glare in the image is more than I like. The pose was adorable, so I'm sharing these iffy pictures anyway.  I can adjust for black birds, or white birds, but a black AND white bird in bright sunlight is a tough photograph to get right.
Black Necked Stilt Splashing and taking a bath
Splish, splash I was...
Black Necked Stilt eating a fish
Yum, Fish! I wish the fish had been a bit more clear, but the light wasn't good enough for a tighter aperture, and I was focused on the Black Necked Stilt's head, which given the length of that beak, was a very long way away from the fish. Regardless, you can see that this cute little black and white bird eats little fish.
Black Necked Stilt eating a fish
Aah, and island to digest on.
Where'd that turtle come from?
Dry land in a wetland tends to get used.  Down a photo and to the right there's another little spot of dry land with some duck potato growing on it.  At the base of the plant, a Black Necked Stilt is sitting on her nest.
Black Necked Stilt Bathing
Black Necked Stilt
Black Necked Stilt sitting on her nest:
This Black Necked Stilt was barely in range of my lens, so I enlarged the egg picture a bit to see the eggs.
Black Necked Stilt near a turtle
Once again I find myself with better photos and a page already made on a creature.  I'll start another. Fly on over to:

Black Necked Stilt
Page Two

Black Necked Stilt
Black Necked Stilt Nest
Black Necked Stilt Pair
Black Necked Stilt sitting on its nest
Black Necked Stilt Checking Eggs
Black Necked Stilt Flying
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