Black & White Warbler  
Black and White Warbler
Black and White Warbler
This photo is one of my favorites. The reflection in the birds eye sure looks like me holding the camera up above it.

Unfortunately it didn't stay there long, so most of my photos of this bird look more like the following picture:

Black and White Warbler
At first glance when I reviewed my photos, I nearly deleted this one because I didn't see the bird until I'd looked at it for a moment.
Black and White Warbler
I'm glad I saw the warbler, because even though it was extremely small in the original photo, it was still large enough to use here.
Black and White Warbler
If you're watching the birds and catch a fleeting glimpse of a Black and White Warbler, try to get a good look at its head; the Blackpoll Warbler is also black and white, but it has a black cap down to its eyes.
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