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Diving Bird: female Anhinga getting ready to land
Soon these Anhinga teenage chicks will look less like white puffballs, and more like mom and dad.
Anhinga: Two teenage chicks in the nest
You can tell which parent is which by the color of their head and neck. Mom's is brown, and dad's is black. The chicks are still mostly white.
Bit by bit, the white fluff on their wings turns to black feathers.
Diving bird: male Anhinga basking in the sun to dry
Anhinga diving bird teenage chick with tiny fluffy wings uplifted
At first glance, this is an odd picture. I like the way the chick's wings look like a heart.
Here papa bird flies back to the nest, and baby bird spreads its wings.
Teenage chick
I've run out of decent chick pix, so I'll share a couple that give you an idea of how large Anhinga are. This Anhinga is looking at a very large Wood Stork.
Anhinga chick
A Cormorant is resting behind this wet Anhinga.
Anhinga chick
Anhinga Preening
Teenage Chick: Young Anhinga diving bird
Heart shaped bird: Anhinga chick with a few dark feathers just beginning to grow out from under the white fuzzy fluff
male Anhinga with his chick in their nest in a Florida Cypress Tree
teenage chick anhinga with wings raised as if imitating the dad Anhinga who's flying to the nest
Bird overhead in the sky - it's a female Anhinga flying by
Birds: Female Anhinga dwarfed by a large Wood Stork
Birds: Dark male Anhinga in front of a Cormorant
There are several pages about Anhinga on this site:
1: Anhinga
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3: Teenage Chicks
4: The Big Fish
5: Litter
male Anhinga with his head feathers all puffed out
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