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male Anhinga with big webbed yellow feet flying with nesting material in his beak
Anhinga: Sunset Kiss On The Nest
After working hard to bring in fresh nesting material, these two Anhinga seem to be enjoying a sunset kiss. The about to be daddy Anhinga is the darker bird on the left. In the photograph above he is flying with a branch in his mouth to add to their nest.
Anhinga: Bald Chick
Here is a mommy Anhinga sitting on her nest beside three chicks. The Anhinga chicks are quite young still; they are featherless.
Anhinga chicks in the nest with the mother bird
Little by little, the chicks begin to resemble their parents as they grow up. I ran out of space here, but you can see more of them on Teenage Chicks.

Or visit the Big Fish Story. I'd heard the "Big Fish" rumors, and was delighted when I (finally!) happened upon this Anhinga with one!

My first Anhinga page has some cool photographs, but the Effect of Litter page is very sad.

Three Anhinga chicks in the nest with mom's soft brown feathers behind them
Much like human children, they seem to enjoy investigating and exploring their world with their mouths, er, um, beaks.
Anhinga chicks: Ow, don't bite me!
Hey look at this - those chicks aren't completely bald after all. This little one stretched up to show us that it can really open its mouth, and there seems to be fluff on the body, lower neck, and wings.
It wasn't too long before I got back for another peek at the babies, and they were growing their first real feathers.
Anhinga chick: Feed me, I'm cute! ...or at least hungry.
Sleeping fluffy white Anhinga chicks with their first black wing feathers beginning to grow
Anhinga Diving Bird: Mother and Child
These little fluffballs count on mom and dad bird for food, and feeding them looks like a very very uncomfortable task. Unlike many other birds I've watched feed their young, Anhinga do not simply drop food into the chicks open beaks and nudge it in.
Here you can see the mother feeding her chick. She opens her beak and the chick puts its whole head in to get fed:
Hungry Anhinga chick about to be fed by mom
Anhinga chick way up in mom's mouth getting fed
Anhinga mother feeding her chick
Anhinga sunning to dry
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