Patty and the Penguin  
Imagine my surprise when, after walking Green Cay and the Wakodahatchee with my son, I came home and looked at our pictures. To help keep my son interested (translation: from endlessly and enthusiastically nagging me to leave) I asked him to use my other camera to take some nature pictures of his own. Here is one of the first pictures on the camera he used:
If you're familiar with the wetlands I walked, you might be wondering, as I did, how in the heck my kid took a picture of a PENGUIN in FLORIDA! Me too!

He didn't; Patty did - it was her old camera, and she left some of her pictures on it for me to enjoy. I don't think she planned to leave me the puzzle this ended up being. I'd ask her, but I'm curious to see if she finds this page on her own, so I'll wait.

(Little update... it's 2018, many years later, and she hasn't found the page yet. Giggle.) I wonder how long it will take?
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