Meadow Beauty Nursery  
I had to post this page because Meadow Beauty is where I've gotten my best butterfly plants. When I started my garden, I went there to see my local butterflies (they have tons of them!) and to buy the plants they like. The best part was that I was able to get my host plants with the caterpillars I wanted already on them, and they didn't charge me extra for the caterpillars!
Meadow Beauty Florida Native Plant Nursery
They're located at 5782 Ranches Rd. in Lake Worth.

Ranches Road is the first road going East off Jog south of Hypoluxo.  It's just south of the Taco Bell.

Once you're on Ranches, look on the right for their wagon; it's out when they're open. If you get to where the road makes a sharp turn to the right, you passed them.

Once you've found them, it looks like this when you pull in. Go on down the path to the turn-around area before you park so you don't block other folks in.
I can always tell when I'm just about to their place because there are more butterflies sipping nectar along the side of the road.

The best thing they told me when I was bugging them with butterfly plant questions was, "Follow the Butterflies." If you want to know what plants a butterfly in your area uses, follow it and see what it drinks nectar from, and where it lays eggs. It works.

Meadow Beauty Florida Native Plant Nursery sign
Meadow Beauty Florida Native Plant Nursery sign
Meadow Beauty Florida Native Plant Nursery
Do your research before you get there, and save the questions you can't get answers to anywhere else for Carl and Donna because there is usually a wait to talk to them.

Donna didn't want me to take her picture, but there's one of her on this site on page 5 in an article that tells a lot about them. (Sorry Donna, I hate getting my picture taken too, but I'm trying to promote butterfly gardens [the more of them there are, the more butterflies there will be, and the more likely it is that a really neat new one will find my yard], and you two are a valuable resource for butterfly gardeners, so here you are.)

Meadow Beauty's web site is here. Their email and phone number is on their site. I didn't want to put that information here because it could change, and I don't want to have to remember to check on it to make sure this page stays current.

Meadow Beauty Florida Native Plant Nursery Carl
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