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Julia Dryas Butterfly
Julia Dryas
Zebra Heliconian
Zebra Heliconian
(Zebra Longwing)
Gulf Fritillary Butterfly
Gulf Fritillary
Monarch Butterfly
Viceroy Butterfly
Soldier Butterfly
Queen Butterfly Sips Nectar From Purple Mistflower
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly
Gray Hairstreak
Red-Banded Hairstreak Butterfly
Red-Banded Hairstreak
Mallow Scrub Hairstreak, Strymon istapa
Mallow Scrub Hairstreak
Strymon istapa
Fulvous Hairstreak, Electrostrymon angelia
Fulvous Hairstreak
Electrostrymon angelia

Martial Scrub-Hairstreak
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
Giant Swallowtail
Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Black Swallowtail
Palamedes Swallowtail Butterfly
Palamedes Swallowtail
Atala Butterfly
Buckeye Butterfly
Red Admiral Butterfly
Red Admiral
Ruddy Daggerwing Butterfly
Ruddy Daggerwing
Polydamas Swallowtail Butterfly
Polydamas Swallowtail
Phaon Crescent Butterfly
Phaon Crescent
Cassius Blue Butterfly
Cassius Blue
Ceraunus Blue Butterfly
Ceraunus Blue
Malachite Butterfly
Great Southern White Butterfly
Great Southern White
Sulphur Butterfly
Sulphur Butterflies
Orange-Barred Sulphur Butterfly
Orange-Barred Sulphur
Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly
Cloudless Sulphur
Barred Yellow Butterfly, Eurema daira
Barred Yellow
Sleepy Orange Butterfly
Sleepy Orange
empty spots are just butterflies that haven't posed for me yet White Peacock Butterfly
White Peacock
Variegated Fritillary Chrysalis
Variegated Fritillary
Skipper Butterflies
Long Tailed Skipper Butterfly
Long Tailed Skipper
Urbanus proteus
Dorantes Longtail Butterfly
Dorantes Longtail Skipper
Urbanus dorantes
Firey Skipper Butterfly
Firey Skipper
Hylephila phyleus
Hammock Skipper Butterfly
Hammock Skipper
Polygonus leo
Monk Skipper Butterfly
Monk Skipper
Asbolis capucinus
Checkered Skipper Butterfly
Tropical Checkered Skipper
Pyrgus oileus
Male Horace's Duskywing Skipper Butterfly
Male Horace's Duskywing Skipper, Erynnis horatius
Skipper Butterfly
Female Horace's Duskywing Skipper, Erynnis horatius
Three-spotted Skipper Butterfly
Three-spotted Skipper
Cymaenes tripunctus
Skipper Butterfly
Ambush Bug Eats Skipper Butterfly
Ambush Bug Eats Ocola Skipper, Panoquina ocola
My site is designed to share what I've seen and learned about creating a successful butterfly garden in my yard down here in South East Florida (and to help me remember it all). My butterfly photos are from Palm Beach or Broward Counties unless otherwise noted. Since I wrote that, I've expanded a bit to plants, other critters, and more recently birds. I'm having a blast learning the local critters, so I'm sharing what I've photographed and learned about them.

This page shows you the butterflies I've found so far. Click the image or butterfly name to visit my page about that butterfly. You'll see larger photographs of the butterfly, various stages of its life cycle such as it's egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis, and find out what plants it needs to reproduce (host plant) or use as a food source (nectar plant), as well as any other interesting things I've learned about it. I hope you enjoy browsing through my butterfly gardening experiences. As my garden grows, my site does too, so check back every so often to see what's new.

Host Plants are plants that butterflies lay eggs on. The eggs hatch into tiny caterpillars that generally eat for a couple of weeks before making a chrysalis (butterflies) or cocoon (moths.) Click on any image above to visit one of my pages about that butterfly to find the host plant(s) it uses, or visit my host plant page to browse through the thumbnail image gallery of the host plants I've seen eggs or caterpillars on. Click on any of the photos there to go to a page about that host plant. Nectar Plants are flowering plants that butterflies use their proboscis to sip nectar from. Zebra Heliconian butterflies also eat pollen from the flowers. Some flowers get used more than others, or by more butterflies than others. Some butterflies prefer specific flowers. Each individual butterfly page mentions the flowers I've seen that butterfly use; just click any of the pictures above to go to my page about that butterfly. My nectar plant page has a thumbnail picture gallery of flowers and nectar plants that you can browse through. Click on any of the photos there to go to a page about that flowering plant.
Each page on the site has the same menu at the bottom so you can easily get back to the main thumbnail image gallery pages. If you lose track of this virtual nature trail and want to check back, Google 'Steph's Birds' or 'Steph's Butterflies' to find your way back again.
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Most caterpillars do not become butterflies; they end up as food for some other creature. Visit my bugs page to see some of the bugs that prey on or parasitize butterflies and moths and their larvae (caterpillars) or eggs. You'll also find pages on other creatures I've found in my butterfly garden and in South Florida.

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